RFID in medical technology

The growing cost pressures on the public health sector, together with the increasing requirements for quality, mean that in many hospitals the question is how to increase the quality of service to patients and at the same time minimise logistics and administration costs. However, it is precisely in the medical and healthcare sector that the use of RFID technology offers multiple possibilities:

Patient safety

RFID patient wristbands are used in hospitals to increase patient safety.

Identification / access permission for clinic personnel

Every hospital has various areas to which only specific staff have access – for instance, access to sensitive patient files, operating theatres, drugs or specific stations that are monitored by RFID technology.

Allocation of blood supplies

The allocation of blood supplies to individual patients can be managed by RFID technology, blood supplies delivered to the hospital are fitted with RFID transponders.

RFID technology for dementia sufferers

The use of RFID technology in care-homes whose inmates suffer from dementia allows greater scope for exercise, and thus a better quality of life for the patients.

Equipment management

In the field of equipment management, the use of RFID technology enables time to be saved, since such procedures as sterilisation of instruments, cleaning of endoscopy devices, surgical interventions or bed administration can be documented automatically.

Bed administration

To improve the bed management and cleaning procedures in large clinics, every bed is equipped with an RFID transponder which has a number stored in it. With appropriate software it can then be determined where each bed is located, how often it is used, how often it is serviced, and above all how often it is cleaned.


In summary, RFID technology allows many everyday clinical tasks to be automated and monitored, which significantly improves patient safety, and also offers enormous potential for clinical personnel to save time on routine tasks – time that can be used to benefit the patients.