Air-cored coils

With our many years of experience in the manufacture of air-cored coils, we can produce air-cored or baked varnished coils to your specific requirements, for the most diverse fields of application.

Applications range from control and regulation technology, to drives technology, medical electronics and identification technology. We can also work with you to develop special applications.

Our air-cored or baked varnished coils are highly versatile in use:

  • as self-supporting air-cored coils for use as transponders
  • as antenna coils in RFID transponder chips
  • as reader coils on or in a transmitter
  • as coils for wireless storage devices

The self-supporting coils are ideally suited for use in devices where space is at a premium, and in all types of ferrite cores. The range extends from mini-sensor coils for measuring surface roughness up to large power transducers.

Well-known sensor manufacturers are among our customer references, gladly taking advantage of our services to insert and cast coils into ferrite cores. We are also happy to offer you solder-free connection of coils to circuit boards using specially developed processes.

In addition to all this, we are pleased to work with you to develop special solutions. Hr electronic relies on practical discussions with customers and competent advisory services to consistently achieve the best result for you – and our joint success motivates us all to continue to pursue the highest quality.

Technical Data

We produce 90% of our products to suit specific customer requirements.

Basic data for the coils:

Wire gauge
Internal diameter     
External diameter
Coil width
Coil types
Machine type 1
0,02 mm to 0,40 mm       
1,2 mm to 60 mm
1,5 mm to 70 mm
0,3 mm to 15 mm
single, bifilar, trifilar
Machine type 2
0,10 mm to 1,25 mm        
5 mm to 200 mm
8 mm to 300 mm
1,5 mm to 30 mm
 single, bifilar, trifilar

Other wire gauges and dimensions are available on request.

If required, we can also produce coils with HF stranded wire, and taps.
We use our own specially developed software to assist in development and design to meet customer-specific requirements.