Hotmelt moulding


Macromelt injection moulding is an innovative technology for which we offer comprehensive service in the areas of cable assembly and injection moulding of assemblies.

The Macromelt or hotmelt process is a low pressure injection moulding process with very environmentally friendly properties. In contrast to conventional plastic injection moulding, sensitive components are gently insertion moulded with the hot melt adhesive at a significantly lower injection pressure of 5-40 bar. In this way it is easy to achieve outstanding sealing of shaped components or plug connections whilst simultaneously relieving stresses. A further advantage lies in the significantly lower cycle times (spray injection times and cooling times) for the Macromelt hot melt adhesive, of only a few seconds. In many cases production costs can also be reduced by eliminating the need to make a separate casing,.

For sensitive electrical and electronic components in particular, Macromelt injection moulding offers optimal protection against external influences.

Possible applications:

  • cable assembly, e.g. for plug connections and cable trees
  • stress relief
  • sensor encapsulation
  • encapsulating coils
  • encapsulation of assemblies
  • replacement housings
  • and much more

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