Laser technology

For durable and precise marking of your products in a range of materials, we use our latest laser technology.

With our Combi-laser incorporating Finemarker technology, we can offer you a full range of options for laser inscription and laser engraving: this includes, for example, sequential numbering of parts, and printing your company logo in high resolution on your promotional gifts. Of special interest is later marking of IC casings with customer-specific inscriptions or removal of the manufacturer’s mark.

 Laser technology offers many possible applications:

      • Security technology / access control:
        personalisation of RFID transponders
      • Medical technology:
        ID marking on medical instruments
      • Environmental technology:
        Durable ID marking of environmental measurement probes
      • Processing centres:
        ID marking and scale inscription on tools
      • Engraving of labels, foils, aluminium front plates
      • Custom inscription of promotional gifts

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