Solid coils

Produktgruppe Koerperspulen

Using cutting-edge winding machines, we produce 95% of our customer-specific coils on solid bodies, including very special coils that are complex to manufacture.

As our customer, you profit from the flexibility and speed of our production process.
Our acquisition of an ultra-modern 3D CAD system allows us to support you in developing your own special coil bodies. Data exchange is straightforward and secure, with significant cost savings.
Our long years of collaboration with selected injection-moulding companies is yet another means of achieving synergies. Rapid deliveries and top quality are guaranteed.

Technical data:

Some of the solid-body coils are wound on standard coil bodies, but we also manufacture to meet customer specifications.
In fact, 80% of our coils are wound on customer-specific coil bodies (for example: the world’s smallest solenoid valve, with a diameter of only 7 mm).

Basic data for the coils:

Wire gauge  
Winding type
0,015 mm to 1,25 mm
single, bifilar, trifilar

If desired, we can also manufacture coils with HF braid.
Our own specially developed software is used to develop and design to customer-specific requirements.